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July 30, 2017

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While it’s true that we work so that we can make money, most of us have additional motivations as well. When all is said and done, it feels good to look back on our hard work and see our accomplishments. The healthcare sector in particular has the ability to show employees the impact they make in the lives of others.

Making sure that quality work is done is a major function of management. Not only is this important to the company and its clients, but this is also upbuilding for their employees! If, for example, someone was to start playing guitar, what would happen if everything they played sounded horrible? Most likely they would quit playing and move on to something else. But what if they sounded great? Naturally, they would try more and more challenging pieces and do everything they could to improve even more.

A workplace is no different; when an employee feels that what they are doing doesn’t work, they take no pride in that and either won’t make efforts to grow or look elsewhere for work. On the other hand, if there is great pride in what they do, they are more likely to be loyal to their company and strive to improve even more in what they do. It would be a pleasure to come to work every day!

Great! So, how do we get to that point? Of course, management plays a crucial role in all of this. Care needs to be taken to ensure that policies and procedures are in place to make quality the standard, not the exception. This can be done by making sure the company is appropriately structured, that qualified and trained people are doing the work they are assigned to and making sure to quickly and efficiently address any problems as they arise. Most companies may have similar procedures in place as to maximize profit and keep costs lower. However, a major, and often overlooked, benefit is that the people actually doing the work will take great pride in what they do and desire to keep that high standard at all times.

In industries that produce a product, this is a relatively easy thing to embody to employees as they can physically see the products themselves. However, in the healthcare sector, this is something that will require more effort on the part of management as not only do employees not create a product, but may never even see the people that they are serving directly or indirectly. Those who have direct contact with patients have the benefit of seeing their health and conditions improve. However, for those who don’t have that privilege, patient feedback and testimonials can go a long way in helping someone see the effect that their hard work is having on others.

Don’t be quick to assume that the people working for the company are only there to cash a check! Making sure that whatever the company is doing is of high quality and that the people doing the work can see that. This can go a long way in ensuring continued quality, a positive environment and, in turn, higher engagement.


Author Bio: Judd Humpherys is a consultant in the home healthcare industry. He leverages expertise to drive gains in revenue, reduce tax liabilities, improve operations, development consistent census growth, and comply with all Medicare regulations. Clients attain and sustain outstanding results through the measurement of key metrics and enhanced employee engagement.

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