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Pinterest and Social Media Marketing

December 9, 2012


Pinterest is a graphic rich format that allows people to share information online.  Unlike other forms of social media, like Facebook, things you “pin” can be viewed by total strangers searching for items. This is fantastic news for businesses that want to use social media marketing to reach more customers. Pinterest is essentially an online… Click To Continue…

Entrepreneurial Mindset | Understanding Your “WHY”

November 19, 2012


Understanding Your Why is the foundation of your “Entrepreneurial Mindset.“ You do not want to set yourself up for failure right from the beginning. It is “Sooo” important to understand the key elements of a successful business before you start to market anything. It could cost you hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars over… Click To Continue…

Who Is Judd Humpherys and How Can He Help You?

November 16, 2012

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Who Is Judd Humpherys and How Can He Help You Grow Your Business?  Throughout this training series you will get to know him.  He will bring to you Proven Marketing Secrets only known by a few people?  In this online Business Transforming Video Series, you will learn about our team of coaches, who will help… Click To Continue…