“Working with Judd was awesome.  Our retail business did well at local fairs and events but we wanted to take it online so that we could sell products year round.  We put up a website but didn’t have much traffic outside of our regular clientele.  We approached Judd to find out how we could increase our site traffic and grow sales.  He put together a clear strategy and helped us get started.  Thanks to Judd our online business has grown and we tripled our monthly sales.”

–          Sara, Wisconsin


“I had no idea what key words were or why they mattered for SEO.  Judd explained the SEO process to us and helped us learn how to use it to our advantage.  We used his key word strategy for our industry blog for several months.  We started on the third page of Google search results and now we are on the first page organically and without paying for it.  This kind of exposure is huge for us and we are going to keep using key words to get us to the top.  Thanks to Judds help our company is sharing industry news and insights with people throughout the country.”

–          Brian, Maryland


“I’m a stay at home mom and have always wanted to have a job and make more money but I didn’t want to leave my kids.  They are in elementary so I have a few hours a day to spend but certainly not enough time to go back to work.  I met Judd and he walked me through how to start my own blog.  It was scary at first, since I had never blogged before, but once I got the hang of it I started having fun.  I picked a theme that my kids and I could both have fun with and have involved them in my project.  Judd taught me how to earn money from the blog so after the first couple months; I have been getting steady checks.  It’s nice to know that I am bringing in money without taking time away from my family.”

–          Julie, California


“Key words – what are you talking about?  That’s what I asked Judd when he first told me about his online marketing strategy.  He laughed and explained how it worked and how by improving my SEO my website could go up in rankings and get more customers.  That’s when he caught my attention.  I wanted to grow my site so I listened.  He gave me tools I could use that didn’t take very much time.  As a business owner my time is all that I have and I am the “do everything” guy.  Luckily Judds key word strategy was something I could easily do.  After a couple months my site has been selling more products and I am well on my way to being “Mr. CEO” instead of doing it all myself.  Thanks Judd!”

–          Dave, California