Tips for Purchasing Domains and Web Hosting

February 22, 2013

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I have received a ton of questions over the years about domain names and web hosting. Often times, these questions come from people that are thinking about purchasing their own domain name or they have become extremely unhappy with the way they have things set up. Since I’m constantly receiving these questions via email, I thought it would be a great time to do a blog post with a few quick tips that may be able to help some of you out.

1. You should buy your own domain name on your own. A lot of times, web hosting companies will offer the option of allowing you to register a domain through them. Instead of doing this, make sure you keep your domain registrar and your hosting account separate. That way, if you ever decide to leave the host, you can take your domain name with you. There’s no question as to who owns the name. You want to be the sole owner.

2. You should only use a domain registrar that people actually trust and has a lot of positive reviews. For instance, the domain registrar, Namecheap, is a great place to get your domains. They have very competitive pricing, a simple administrative interface, excellent service, etc… This service is highly recommended.

3. You should either register a .com, .org or a .net for your website. There are some other options out there, but I would not suggest using them. Unfortunately, they do not receive as much respect.

4. Next, I would suggest thinking about what type of hosting you would like to have. I mean, do you want your typical shared hosting or would you like to have something that’s a little more stable such as VPS hosting. I would personally suggest going with something like VPS hosting. That way, your site will be future-proof if it starts to get a ton of traffic.

5. Always remember the date that your domains expire. To do this, just set up a reminder on your cell phone, calendar, whatever. Set that reminder up for a month before your domain expires. That way, you will have enough time to think about whether or not you’re going to renew your domain, etc…

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