Tips for Using Autoresponders to Get Traffic to Your Website and Also Increase Income

February 22, 2013

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These tips can be used with your blog or your website. You will want to implement these tips into your internet marketing strategy if you want to be successful online. They are a great way to drive some traffic to your website and also increase your income.

1. Consider giving readers a free course.

You should consider setting up a sequence of emails that you send out on a daily basis. In these emails, walk your email readers through the process of doing something that could help them. Every single day, your readers should receive an email with a task that they could do to help them or a valuable lesson that could help them with their business.

2. Give people a blast to the past.

You have to keep in mind that new readers coming to your blog most likely haven’t seen your past content. Therefore, you could consider taking some of the best posts you’ve ever put together in the past and including them in an email sequence. Maybe you could even dedicate one whole email to a “classic post” each and every week. That way, you’ll get some people checking out your archives.

3. Promote affiliate offers.

Do you know of a product in a niche that you cater to and you would highly recommend that other people purchase this product? Does the company that owns this product have an affiliate program? If this is the case, you can easily include your affiliate links in your autoresponders and drive sales.

4. Promote your own products.

Have you ever written an ebook? Never be afraid to give promotions out for your ebook in your autoresponder messages. Seriously, this is an excellent way to drive thousands of sales to yourself.

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