Tips for Video Marketing

February 22, 2013

Video Marketing

A lot of people do not even think about video marketing, unfortunately. Instead, when they think about content, they are thinking about blog posts, emails, articles, etc… However, video marketing can be extremely powerful and beneficial to any business out there. You have to remember that Google may be the biggest search engine on the planet, but Youtube is the second biggest search engine out there. It doesn’t matter whether a video is made by a professional or an amateur, because people just love to watch videos on Youtube.

Video has the ability to attract a completely different audience. You have to remember that not everyone out there is going to have the patience to read through articles or blog posts. Video is a great opportunity for marketers that they should be taking advantage of. Also, if you are going to incorporate video marketing into your marketing efforts, you still need to keep search engine optimization in mind.

Here are some video marketing tips:

1. Submit to plenty of different video websites. Obviously you are going to want to post on Youtube, but Youtube is not the only thing out there for you. There are other sites like Vimeo, Break and Daily Motion that are just begging to have you videos featured on them.

2. Do not forget to optimize your videos when you’re posting them online. When you upload videos to different websites, you should use unique titles for them and you should also use unique descriptions for them. Always make sure that you include the keywords you are trying to target on these websites, as well. Some people don’t like to include their phone number in their videos, but I would suggest doing that. That way, people can contact you if they want to.

3. Promote your videos whenever you get the chance to. I mean, what good are your videos if no one else is going to ever see them? It’s going to take a little while before your videos are getting picked up by the search engines, so you want to send people to them directly for the time being. Consider posting about your video on your blog, social media accounts and even in your newsletter. Let people know that you have a video and they will probably watch it.

Videos are an excellent promotional tool, but certainly do not forget about other types of content. Use videos just to enhance your marketing efforts, but don’t let them take over.

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